The Stoney Summer Supper Series

Celebrating the intersection of the culinary arts and the medicinal benefits of cannabis through unique community experiences.

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Dinner #4September 29, 2023 @ 6:30PM

Chef Ken Foy, two-time Tucson Iron Chef winner, Owner of Dante’s Fire

Menu (text below image)

Chef Ken Foy’s Cannabis-Infused Culinary AdventureImagine the perfect balance of cannabis-infused ingredients blending harmoniously with traditional flavors, resulting in dishes that are as delicious as they are daring. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other.VIP Amuse Bouche
Beef Rillettes Canapé - pickled red peppers, truffle aioli
First Course
Twice Baked, Thrice Fried - fingerling potato, smoked rockfish canapés, smokey dome; infused with Abstrakt Kitchen Meyer Lemon Olive Oil
Second Course
I Killed Butterstuff - brown butter roasted mushrooms, butter poached lobster vinaigrette, butter lettuce, shaved truffle cheese; infused with distillate from Downtown Dispensary
Third Course
The Siphonator - Sous vide beef cheek, red pepper pudding, tomato and caryophyllene terpene, cannabis elixir, baby vegetables; infused with Abstrakt Kitchen Balanced Olive Oil
Fourth Course
Coffee-Crusted Duroc Pork Tenderloin (Iron Chef Tucson Winning Dish!) - butternut risotto, peanut butter molasses, demi glaze, cannabis leaf; infused with Abstrakt Kitchen Bacon Olive Oil
Fifth Course
Not Your Mom's Pot Brownie - chocolate decadence, walnut crumble, chocolate ganache, fluff
The dinner will be paired with selected cocktails crafted by mixologist Max Wingert and will feature PARCH’s Spiced Pinarita, a bold combination of Blue Weber Agave, prickly pear, spicy Mole bitters, and a proprietary blend of adaptogens.


VIP includes early entry, mocktail, amuse-bouche and interactive time with Chef Foy in an intimate setting.

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Note: you will not receive a paper ticket for this event. Your name will be on the list at the door. You'll receive an email 24 hours before the dinner with the venue location and other final details.